Fixed Price

Fixed Price

Prices and rates for a trip with a Carresa Go driver

Take advantage of the attractive rates and prices by ordering your Carresa Go driver. The prices we offer are fair and fixed at the time of your order.

Forget about unpleasant surprises on arrival, our prices are cheaper than a taxi! Thanks to our reservation system, payment is simplified and no longer takes place on board the vehicle. Compare the prices of Carresa Go, see our prices and get a quote in one click.

Our prices are fixed:

Estimate and compare the prices of your trips with your Carresa Go driver.

Carresa Go Price

The prices are fixed and announced at the time of your reservation. You know the fare before departure and it does not change.
Forget about additional costs such as approach costs or luggage: with Carresa Go it’s included!

In the event of a traffic jam, the price does not move, the price is calculated on the distance traveled and not on the time of the race.